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MyOutDesk Launches New Partner Program for Content Creators

MyOutDesk Launches New Partner Program for Content Creators
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Professional bloggers, journalists, podcasters, and business article authors have a new way to turn influence and traffic into monthly cash flow. Ranked as the Best Virtual Assistant Company by Tech Radar and Analytics Insight, MyOutDesk is the newly launched talent source for virtual assistants, providing content partners with a unique opportunity to monetize digital assets.

MyOutDesk awards $400 for each new customer converted from content. This means that online articles, social posts and emails can be turned into an income source simply by partnering with the most reputable virtual assistant company. Any post about how to grow, scale or market a business can turn into an evergreen source of income.

At no cost to partners, MyOutDesk provides a simple blueprint for creators to successfully publish articles and posts that convert, removing typical barriers to earning from these online assets.

Unlike many affiliate and partner programs around the web, MyOutDesk provides a dedicated support representative, a unique search engine optimized engagement strategy that won’t hamper your SEO, and how-to examples to help partners achieve success with the program.

Daniel Ramsay, CEO and Founder of MyOutDesk, LLC said, “When a content creator can determine the path for companies to hire a virtual assistant that creates leverage in their business and helps them grow and expand – making positive personal referrals with a company one can trust. Content turns Informative to practical application at a level that can enhance the end result of the audience.

MyOutDesk virtual assistants are located in the Philippines and work full time on the same schedule as the client’s on-site office staff.

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About MyOutDesk, LLC:

MyOutDesk, LLC is focused on immediate business expansion and growth with the help of virtual assistants and has served 7,500 clients over 15 years.

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