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Newly Released Video Training on How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Newly Released Video Training on How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
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How to start affiliate marketing without a website

Never before seen Tutorials on How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step with 12 Minute Affiliate System

Traffic should be the first thing you learn in affiliate marketing. If one does not know how to increase traffic, then they will not succeed in affiliate marketing.”

– Fred Lam

Sacramento, CA, US, Dec 20, 2021 / – Individuals looking for reliable reviews on how to succeed in affiliate marketing can now access some new and updated content on

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is an affiliate resource platform intended for individuals searching on the internet for information on how to start an affiliate marketing business and how to create marketing funnels in different niches. The platform recently posted new training videos on how to generate affiliate traffic to share how subscribers of the membership program can earn a living from the comfort of their homes.

It has been carefully designed and tested for those who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing or how it works. The 12 minute partnership system has been proven to effectively improve one’s knowledge of online marketing and how automated response services work. Devon Brown’s job is to get the newcomers off the ground as quickly as possible.

By becoming a member of the 12-minute referral system, members can immediately start seeing the results of their marketing efforts. Once they have their affiliate site set up, which takes about 12 minutes, they can start receiving traffic and leads flowing into their business. Some members reported getting their first commission within 15 hours of setting everything up.

New Features of the 12-Minute Partnership System

Step-by-step affiliate traffic video tutorials have been updated. Members don’t have to worry about using outdated marketing tactics to compete in the online space. They will be armed with the latest tactics and strategies for marketing on various affiliate traffic platforms. Members will also be taught free traffic strategies to get new leads into their business. Devon Brown, founder of 12 Minute Affiliate, provides members-only movement resources that are not publicly available.

Access to three ports. When members join 12MA, they will be able to choose from 3 outlets or they can have all three. These outlets are home chores, weight loss, and self improvement. Everywhere comes with a new update:

* landing pages
* Thank you pages
* Bridge Pages
* Product Pages
* Marketing Paths
* Follow up on previously written emails
* Traffic sources
* Ad copy and designs

Improve the knowledge base. The knowledge base is well detailed in that if a member encounters a problem at any point in the process, they can access this rich resource with tutorial videos included. Member may also contact a customer representative during business hours to receive additional assistance.

private interactive facebook group

In addition to the knowledge base and customer support, members will also have access to a members-only Facebook group. A group allows you to interact with other members, ask questions, help others, share failures and successes, find motivation and support, and learn about other traffic sources that work best.

Monthly online training seminars.

Included in the Members Area are past webinars conducted by Devon Brown and partner Howard to address what is currently working in Internet Marketing. Members can also attend live webinars where Devon and his team will raise any questions or concerns members have.

Ongoing competitions. From time to time, Devon hosts a “Copy Devon” contest. It will send you specific instructions via email to follow. The member will then post what they are directed to do in the private Facebook group. This is a great opportunity to win prizes and sometimes excellent traffic just to participate in these contests.

Individuals eager to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners using the 12-minute referral system will be given everything they need to get started quickly without having to sit through hours of online video training.

The member will learn how to create marketing funnels, build landing pages, and write persuasive ad copy. Most importantly, direct traffic to affiliate links.’s Updated 12-Minute Affiliate System Review acclaims this affiliate marketing course as one of the best membership sites for starting affiliate marketers.

Blogger and website co-author, Brendan writes, “There are many online marketers who claim that they will teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer, but they often overlook how to drive traffic to affiliate links. If you don’t know how to drive highly targeted traffic quality to products, goods and services online, one will never be a successful marketer.”

According to the article, Devon Brown’s 12 Minute Affiliate System teaches students how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website for beginners. The blogger also provides a breakdown of what students can expect to learn once a member is registered. Attend this free training to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners using our 12-minute affiliate system.

Devon Brown’s 12 Minute Affiliate system starts from scratch by teaching members how to set up all the necessary elements for their online business, including how to set up marketing funnels. Members will also learn raw copy writing skills to write their own address and email ad copy. The membership site also provides members with new traffic resources to improve their chances of generating commissions. Simply put, the course is ideal for beginners in the field of affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing is the easiest online business model to start with because you don’t need to be a tech savvy. All one needs is a willingness to learn and follow simple instructions,” Brendan wrote in the blog post. “One does not even need a website or have professional copywriting skills to succeed in affiliate marketing.”

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How to get started in affiliate marketing step by step


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