Pinterest continues e-commerce evolution with AR, Amazon integration

Pinterest continues e-commerce evolution with AR, Amazon integration
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Pinterest introduces a wide range of new features aimed at increasing the shopping potential of its platform.

The visually oriented social media network unveils a new set of digital commerce possibilities. This includes many new features for Idea Pins, which are shoppable video Pins initially introduced in July 2021.

Pinterest is integrating Idea Pins with an AR tool that is based on augmented reality (AR). Released in January 2020, AR Try on allows consumers to virtually try different cosmetic products. This new ability allows creators to tag their Idea Pins with a new “try on” label to add lip products, allowing users to experience shopping and shopping directly from the Idea Pin. To access the new feature, creators can select the try label and search over 10,000 try-enabled product links to add it to their Idea Pin.

The company also Integrate Idea Pins with the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate marketing offering. This will enable US creators to add affiliate links from a variety of millions of Amazon products and earn a commission on eligible purchases.. The Amazon Associates Program integration aims to provide customers with an easier way to shop for Amazon products on Pinterest, by providing up-to-date product information including availability and pricing, as well as product images and descriptions.

Additionally, creators now have the option to make their Idea Pins automatically shoppable by enabling shopping recommendations on their Idea Pins. The new Shop Similar feature uses Pinterest’s visual search technology to recommend product Pins that are visually similar to the content within the Pin, giving Pinners the ability to shop what they see.

With this new feature, Pinterest makes it possible to visually search for video content for the first time. In addition, the new Watch and Browse tabs are full-screen feeds of Idea Pins that consumers can scroll through, tailored to their tastes and preferences.

A new feature called Takes allows Idea Pin creators to interact with consumers. User responses will return the creators’ original idea pins, and creators can also highlight specific responses. Build more meaningful engagement with their communities and inspire them to act.

As part of the Takes rollout, Pinterest offers a suite of new publishing tools for Idea Pins, including seasonal and interactive stickers, thousands of music tracks with new editing capabilities, new video editing and recording capabilities, and a preview mode that helps creators see the final output before publishing.

“The new features enable creators to post high-quality content that leads to meaningful engagement with their communities and pays for inspirational content,” Pinterest said in the company’s blog post. “These new experiences provide Pinners with more ways to view, create, and shop creator content.”

“Creators can now share the inspirational content our customers love on Pinterest while offering an easy shopping experience across the millions of items available on Amazon,” he said. Matt Watson, director of Amazon Associates.Amazon Associates is always looking to offer new ways for content creators to share the products they love while increasing their potential earnings, and Idea Pins do just that. ”

New Pinterest features and experiences will begin rolling out on iOS, Android, web and desktop on Wednesday, October 20.

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