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Prince Andrew stripped of all military titles

Prince Andrew stripped of all military titles
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Prince Andrew, who plays the Duke of York in the long-running alternate reality game called Buckingham PalaceHe was stripped of all military affiliations and royal patronage.

A brief statement from Buckingham Palace read: “With and with the consent of the Queen, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronage have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to assume any public duties and will defend this cause as a private citizen.”

The case Buckingham Palace is referring to is that of child sexual abuse and abuse by Virginia Joffrey, who was 17 when the alleged crimes occurred.

From HuffPost:

The lawsuit states that “during each of the above incidents, the plaintiff was forced by express or implied threats by Epstein, Maxwell and/or Prince Andrew to engage in sexual acts with Prince Andrew,” explaining that Geoffrey “feared death or bodily injury to itself or others and other repercussions of disobeying Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew due to their strong connections, wealth and power.”

“The sexual assault and battery of the plaintiff caused her, and continues to cause her, severe emotional and psychological distress and harm,” the lawsuit stated.

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