Rakuten Advertising rolls out new affiliate marketing program

Rakuten Advertising rolls out new affiliate marketing program
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Social media platforms have also noticed the power of affiliate marketing and increased their offerings to attract creators. Amazon has always had its affiliate program, and apps like LikeToKnowIt are working on influential affiliate links. Pinterest allows creators to tag brands’ products in their posts, and Instagram has recently started testing creators’ affiliate stores. Instagram is also testing a new inbox feature that prioritizes messages related to sponsored content deals.

But Rakuten’s Accelerate isn’t the first “pay for performance model.” In 2020, Publicis launched The Pact Power by Epsilon, which was aimed at small to medium digital marketers as a “pay for performance” model, with a money-back guarantee if certain goals are not met. “But only Epsilon and Rakuten realized they were putting publisher costs or media cost at risk,” said Jay Patisal, principal analyst at Forrester who covers partnerships and marketing agencies.

Accelerate will also use Rakuten’s new Dynamic Rules for Dynamic Assignment, which helps align advertisers and publishers with goals. The rules, introduced in 2019, allow publishers to be tracked on 42 different variables, including last click, margins, and commission rates.

“This allows us to better assign the role of the publisher in the user journey,” said Anthony Capano, managing director for North America at Rakuten Advertising. “Even if you’re a publisher that isn’t optimized for the last click, you can still be part of the network.”

Rakuten has a network of 150,000 publishers worldwide.

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