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R+Co Expands Affiliate Program With HAIR MAIL – News

R+Co Expands Affiliate Program With HAIR MAIL - News
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R + Co Adds new technology to R + Co love Affiliate Program, a concept designed to help partners generate additional revenue by earning commission through unique referral links. R+Co was recently introduced hair mail, a pro-only product recommendation tool that allows stylists and salons to easily create and share personalized hair care recommendations with clients, all while earning an affiliate commission.

Hair Mail allows stylists and salons to build a virtual shopping cart for anyone, anytime – whether they’re in your salon chair, in line next to you at the grocery store, or across the country waiting to book their next appointment.

“Hair Mail is all about creating connections between stylists and clients outside the salon. Have you ever left a place not knowing how to recreate a style or use something you bought? Now you can just open your email or text and refresh. The Hair mail app also allows customers to deliver their products straight to their homes, based on their custom prescriptions,” Says Daniel Langer, President of R+Co.

How it works

The app is easy to use and fashion designers can log in to start curating their R+Co range of products right away. Once you add your customer’s email address, they’ll receive an email within 60 seconds with curated stylist recommendations, ready to “add to cart”. The email is automatically linked to your R+Co Love Affiliate account to ensure designers receive a commission on every purchase, every time.

“We launched R+Co Love last year as a program for salon owners and stylists to create virtual connections with clients. This was critical when salons were closed and clients were sitting at home for months without access to hair styles, colors or products. Hair Mail is an extension of this Program – Building on those strong relationships forged.The launch of Hair Mail, along with exclusive pre-sales offers, unique consumer content and 24/7 team access, helps ensure that the R+Co Love affiliate program continues to grow. Supporting salons in navigating an uncertain and unpredictable environment.” .

All R+Co Love affiliates are pre-registered for exclusive access to the app, which launched on March 1, 2020. To get started, visit Share.RandCo.Love and sign in with the email associated with the R+Co Love program. Once registered, start curating your product selections from the R+Co and R+Co BLEU collections.

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