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Republican National Committee plans to stop its candidates’ participation in presidential debates

Republican National Committee plans to stop its candidates' participation in presidential debates
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The Republican National Committee plans to ask its presidential candidates to pledge not to participate in debates organized by the Committee on Presidential Debates. Of course, this is the organization that has sponsored presidential and vice president debates for more than three decades. From the New York Times:

The move by the National Revolutionary Council was a product of those long-awaited complaints, and came after months of discussions between the commission and party officials. According to the FNC’s letter, the chair of the party’s provisional presidential debate committee, David Busey, began discussions last year with the debate committee’s co-chair, Frank Vahrenkov, a former Republican official.

Republican Party chairwoman Rona McDaniel called for changes to the committee and how discussions were conducted, writing in a letter to the committee in June that the party and its voters had lost confidence in the committee.

A change that requires candidates to decline to participate in panel discussions will be voted on at the RNC’s winter meeting in Salt Lake City in February. If the RNC moves forward with it, it is not clear what that might mean for future discussions. But it would change the approach to be similar to what happened before the commission existed, when the two parties or campaigns had to negotiate directly and agree terms, or no discussions would take place.

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