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Rod Wave Says People ‘Twisting’ Meaning of ‘Suicide Prevention Song’

Rod Wave Says People ‘Twisting’ Meaning of ‘Suicide Prevention Song’
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Rod Wave says people are “wrapping” the meaning behind a song he recently previewed called “Nirvana.”

Made a rare appearance on Instagram, tops the chart Soul Fly The artist addressed the comments of some listeners who tried to position the song as a “suicide letter,” something Rudd says indicates they are not familiar with his catalog.

“You know, brother, I don’t go live,” Rudd, who previously thought about his legacy on the Billboard Hot 100, told “Tombstone.” “I don’t care, brother. I don’t. She recorded a great song and she was talking about suicide or something. But why do people take this shit and just say this was my suicide note? Like, that’s not how it works. That’s not the way You work out suicide letters. You don’t go into the studio and record suicide letters, brother.”

As Rudd explains, “true fans” are more familiar with the themes of his music. Like, what are all the dirty blogs and posts, like twisting shit, saying that Rudd posted a suicide letter? “That’s not true.”

Elsewhere, Rudd referred to the song in question—which begins with the line “If you hear this, it’s too late”—as just an “excerpt,” noting that he often shares snippets with his fans. He also criticized those who tried to discredit the song’s release claiming that the Florida singer was seeking attention.

“Bitch, who needs attention?” He said. “Forgot who the hell I am? I don’t need the attention. Didn’t you watch my tour? Didn’t you watch my album sales? I didn’t need any more attention. I actually deleted my Insta and my Twitter and all this shit because of attention.”

Also on IG, this time through a Stories update, Rudd told fans he’s currently in the middle of working on a new album, adding that the song he recently teased was “definitely a suicide prevention.” [sic] Song.”

Soul FlyMeanwhile, it was recently selected by Complex as one of the 50 best albums of the year. Back in August, Rudd gave the acclaimed album (first rudd since pray 4 love One year ago) The Deluxe Therapy added nine new songs, including a collaboration with Kodak Black and Lil Durk.

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