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Scream concept art shows Ghostface could have looked very different

Scream concept art shows Ghostface could have looked very different
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Ghost face, you know it; you love him. The movie-obsessed slasher cemented his status as a horror movie icon from the first scene in Scream when he wreaks havoc on Drew Barrymore Park. Since then, the killer alabaster view has become an important part of the franchise’s iconography.

The questionable origin of the whining mask is that it was discovered by Wes Craven while exploring the locations of his action-packed movie, although he has since clarified that this is not the case. Producer Marianne Maddalena found the Ghostface mask — produced by new company Fun World in the 1990s — and brought it to Craven.

The horror film maestro liked the design and tried to secure the rights to the mask, but Fun World didn’t want to play ball, forcing Craven to get creative. Well, not specifically Craven; KNB EFX has been tasked with developing a new look for the masked Scream killer, and their art concept shows that the killer annoying caller could have looked completely different.

Bloody Disgusting (with help from Mike Aspinwall and artist Crash Cunningham) found a few different concepts that KNB EFX came up with — some of which have remained completely true to the Fun World mask while others deviated significantly from the initial design.

KNB EFX eventually finished a design, but Craven was said to be unhappy with it. He returned to Dimension (the production house behind Scream) and asked them to arrange a deal with Fun World that would allow them to use their masks. Dimension manages to strike a deal, and Ghostface was born once Craven combined the mask with a $700 robe.

Scream (2022) and Ghostface hit theaters on January 14.

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