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The 7 Best Email Marketing Automation Training Courses in 2021

email marketing automation training
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The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses to consider if you’re looking to grow your team’s skills.

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Email marketing is one of the oldest and most reliable tools. Even with continued social media ownership, email communication remains an essential part of the marketing world, especially in terms of the additional capabilities of email marketing automation. With automated email campaigns, businesses can create personalized messages to both leads and customers that move them through their sales pipeline without the need for hours of manual work.

If you want your business to get the most value from your email marketing automation capabilities, you’ll need to provide your team with the education they need to feel at home with the software. With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best email marketing automation training and online courses for anyone looking to expand or fine-tune their email marketing automation. Click on go to training Learn more about each course and register.

Noticeable: Email marketing automation training and online courses are listed alphabetically by the online learning platform.

Best Email Marketing Automation Courses

Course title: Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns

Our advice: Designed for beginners and intermediate students alike, Sam Dey’s course will show you how to run an automated email campaign and successfully meet customer needs.

Provider: LinkedIn learning

Describe: A properly executed email marketing campaign can help your company build trust in your entire customer database. Sam Dey is a consultant, entrepreneur, and coach specializing in digital marketing strategies and coaching. Its path is geared towards experienced learners of beginner to intermediate email marketing. It covers important topics such as nurturing leads, crafting effective emails, sales funnel optimization, email marketing reporting, retargeting, and other strategies.

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Course title: Sales Funnel Lead Generation + Email Marketing Automation Masterclass

Our advice: The course for trainer Sivakumar Kannan is broken down into 17 short lessons and will help entrepreneurs, marketers and startups understand the basics of sales funnels and how to implement them.

Provider: Skill Share

Describe: This course is designed to help entrepreneurs, digital marketers, startup owners, and independent marketers understand and implement software such as email automation systems and lead generation sales funnels. With 17 included lessons, trainer Sivakumar Kannan will teach users to create landing pages, email opt-in forms, thank you pages, email marketing lists, auto response emails, sales pages, and more.

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Course title: Marketing Automation and Email Marketing for Beginners

Our advice: This hour-long course is taught by “Sequential Entrepreneur” Mauricio Rubio and is designed to introduce learners to the basic principles of marketing automation and email marketing

Provider: Skill Share

Describe: If you are an entrepreneur, employee, teacher, blogger, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of email marketing and automation, this course is here to help you. In addition to the basics of marketing and email automation, the course also demonstrates how learners can use these tools to increase revenue and maintain marketing success for their companies.

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Course title: ActiveCampaign Email Automation Software

Our advice: Professional educator and writer Sarah Cordiner developed this course to help students learn the skills they’ll need to get the most value from ActiveCampaign’s email marketing automation capabilities.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: ActiveCampaign is a Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform designed to automate and customize a company’s marketing efforts. Taught by professional educator and bestselling writer Sarah Cordiner, this 3-hour course will teach you how to set up an ActiveCampaign account, edit and format email messages, create targeted email campaigns, develop email automation sequences, build pipelines and deal stages, and more.

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Course title: Email marketing automation from beginner to advanced

Our advice: Designed for beginners and experienced marketers alike, students who take this course can expect to learn the basics of setting up an email platform, creating email lists, performance analysis, and more.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This course contains 9 full hours of on-demand lessons that cover everything from email marketing automation basics to more advanced techniques. Students will learn how to interpret email metrics, create email lists, develop successful email campaigns, take advantage of email automation, use advanced integrations, improve and test email strategies, define the anatomical structures of high-performance email messages, and much more.

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Course title: Email Marketing: Sales Automation for E-Commerce

Our advice: Learners who sign up for this two-hour course can expect to learn how automation can improve their sales efforts and the secrets to creating emotional content that meets the needs of their audience.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This course is geared towards e-business owners who want to learn how to automate their sales efforts and develop relevant content that speaks to their audience’s needs. Other topics covered include psychological triggers your emails should be aware of, a framework for developing email marketing campaigns, and the best automation tools you should know about.

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Course title: 5 Email Marketing Automation Every Business Needs

Our advice: With 10 years of experience in the world of email marketing, coach Daniel Miller will educate learners with the essential tools and knowledge they need to become comfortable using email marketing automation in their business.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This two-hour course is geared toward business leaders looking to learn about email marketing automation and learn how to use lead nurturing automation to create lasting relationships with customers, automate business processes, and identify the most important automation tools for any industry.

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