The Game Day Joins the Affiliate Race in New York

The Game Day Joins the Affiliate Race in New York
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Affiliates are spinning around the new New York online sports betting marketplace, and for good reason. The Empire State is expected to bring in $10 billion from betting every year, bridging the flow of bettors towards New Jersey by offering the latest in-house solutions.

The market is less than a week old, and observers are already seeing a benchmark, which is partly due to the fact that there are plenty of events to bet on, not least the NFL playoffs. Now, The Game Day is joining the fray, having signed with four newly launched sportsbooks in the state, BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings and FanDuel.

The Big Apple Attracts All Affiliates

Game Day CEO Matt Hyman It welcomed the opportunity to enter the market with some of its most prominent operators. In his comment, Heymann said:

“We are excited that New York State has finally opened up to mobile sports. We anticipate that the state will quickly equal or overtake New Jersey and Nevada as leaders in sports book revenue and handles.”

Game Day CEO Matt Hyman

The Game Day will provide partners with robust content offerings, as the company has expertise in creating compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with its target audience. The company feels confident in its ability to engage with sports fans from all walks of life.

Affiliates in the attack

Meanwhile, the company is also negotiating similar partnerships with the rest of the companies that haven’t yet taken off in New York. Game Day’s success is due to its in-house expertise in creating engaging pieces of content, but also due to the opportunity to work with influencers and athletes on social media to promote sports betting.

Affiliate brands are already starting to rush into New York. Earlier this week, BestOdds reported that it had signed similar partnerships with the four operators that were launched on the market. Affiliate partnerships play an excellent role in brand promotion. They also face a new set of challenges as regulations around the law increasingly scrutinize marketing campaigns and anticipate utmost consumer care.

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