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The Hidden Meaning Behind the Players’ Outfits

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Players' Outfits
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squid gameThe K-drama that is sweeping Netflix and set to become the biggest hit of all time has captivated audiences around the world with its stunning plot and amazing costumes for its characters, many of which have served as inspiration for Halloween costumes.

The mystery thriller 456 sees cash-strapped combatants compete to survive in a six-match series for a chance to win KRW 46.5 billion (about $38.4 million), with losers facing each death game.

All contestants wear identical evergreen tracksuits, with their player number being the only distinguishing feature in the clothing. They also wear matching white sneakers and white T-shirts, which show the contestants’ numbers on the chest.

Tracksuits remind us of a green gym uniform squid game Director Hwang Dong Hyuk remembered wearing it in elementary school, he told South Korea Joongang Ilbo On September 28.

Game workers wear a pink all-covered suit and a black mask bearing either a triangle, circle, or square symbol.

The staff uniform was inspired by photos of factory workers that Hwang encountered while developing the look with the costume manager. Huang said that he had originally intended for them to wear Scouting clothes.

Unification of appearance symbolizes the erasure of individuality and personality, Cine21, South Korean Film Magazine, published on September 16th.

Director Hwang said Cinema 21 At the time: “We paid attention to the contrast of colors because both groups [the players and staff] Wear the team uniform.

Still from “Squid Game” on Netflix.

My choice of bright, cheerful colors was intentional, evoking childhood memories, like Sports Day scenes in the park. Huang explained that the discrepancy between the uniforms of the players and staff is similar to that “between school children who participate in different activities on the sports day in the amusement park and the park guides.”

The employees’ pink shade “soft, playful and innocent” was deliberately chosen to contrast with the grim, harsh nature of their work, necessitating the killing of anyone who was disqualified from the competition and their bodies dumped in a coffin and in the fireplace.

"squid game" on Netflix.
Still from “Squid Game” on Netflix.

Another outfit seen in the series is the all-black outfit of Front Man, the mysterious character who oversees the competition.

The front man also wears a distinctive black mask, which the director said pays tribute to Darth Vader’s appearance from star Wars Film series.

Hwang said the Front Man’s mask, which defines some of his facial features, “has a bit more personality” and thinks it would be a better fit for his story with Jun Ho, the series’ police officer character, Joongang Ilbomentioned.

Halloween costumes inspired by the “squid game”

Eye-catching clothes from squid game It inspired Halloween costume ideas, with some appearing on retail sites like Amazon.

sports player

Jacket and track pants wearing “456,” the show’s main character Ji-hoon’s number, which looks nearly identical to the outfit in the series, is available on Amazon.

The same outfit, but bearing the number “067”, the number of Sae-byeok, the fierce and vulnerable North Korean contestant who quickly became a fan favorite, is also available on Amazon.

Team members jumpsuits

Fashion inspired by the pink hoodies that employees wear at squid game Offered for sale on Amazon.

You can also find a staff-worn balaclava under your hood and mask to complete your look, also available on Amazon.


squid game Fans can also purchase masks similar to those in the series, including the figure-symbol staff mask and Darth Vader-inspired front man mask on Amazon.

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and still from "squid game" on Netflix.
Front Man in “Squid Game” on Netflix.

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