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The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2017

The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2017
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In a recent survey, nearly 90 percent of advertisers said affiliate programs are important to their overall marketing strategies. Publishers also claimed that affiliate partnerships generate more than 20 percent of their annual revenue. Forty percent of US retailers said their leading customer acquisition channels are affiliate programs.

And this field is only growing – a BI Intelligence study found affiliate marketing to be one of the fastest growing sources of income for online retailers. Between 2015 and 2020, US affiliate marketing spending is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1% to $6.8 billion.

Of course, no affiliate marketing partner will do that. Companies are looking for quality relationships. With that in mind, here are seven great affiliate marketing companies, in no particular order, to watch (and engage with!) next year:

Acceleration Partners is driving the next generation of affiliate marketing. Already a leader in recruitment, engagement, campaign design, execution, attribution and reporting, the company combines cutting-edge strategy with high-quality account management to drive lucrative customer acquisition at scale. With Acceleration Partners, the term “Performance PartnershipTM” goes beyond evolving affiliate marketing to entirely new channels, such as app-to-app marketing platforms, influencer marketing, and business development partnerships. All of this leads to industry-leading success for premium global retailers, including adidas, eBay, Jet and Target.

The Button Company is a leader in contextual commerce, connecting mobile apps and websites from major publishers — Conde Nast, Huffington Post, Ibotta and more — with other apps, gaining valuable users. For example, Conde Nast Traveler readers can view articles about destinations they want to visit, browse for hotels on, and send them directly to the app to achieve their goals. Button makes affiliate spending more efficient by optimizing performance and rewards based on a customer’s purchase history.

Impact Radius’ global performance marketing platform disrupts traditional affiliate networking models, empowering marketers and agencies by providing technology to track and improve partnerships. This is unique in the field of affiliates because it allows brands to align programs with their own business goals and gain unique insights into the value of each partnership. Impact Radius technology also allows marketers to capture and analyze results across all marketing channels to intelligently optimize marketing spend. With that kind of vision, it’s no surprise that Impact Radius recently secured $30 million in growth funding from Silversmith Capital Partners.

Performance Horizon’s partner management and marketing platform allows companies to work directly with their global, mobile and online publisher partners to drive sales. Supports customer performance marketing strategies in more than 150 countries from offices around the world. By leveraging their SaaS platform, brands can make payments based on performance, which enables them to scale sales through their online marketing partners and affiliates. The company also provides performance measurement and tracking, growth through analytics, and settlement in currencies around the world. By measuring all partnerships based on performance, Performance Horizon is highly beneficial for brands.

With a suite of performance marketing solutions focused on qualified audiences rather than vanity metrics, Fluent delivers large-scale new customer acquisition for more than 500 major brands. Additionally, it integrates hardcore data science with human interaction in measurable ways, capturing 6 million survey responses from more than 500,000 daily users through one-on-one conversations.

With proprietary solutions, comprehensive reporting suites, and partner guides for greater collaboration, affiliates leverage market-leading technology to help retailers increase their online presence. They are committed to compliance and provide a suite of tools for fraud protection. Part of the Zanox Group, the company has established itself as a leading global network with 13 offices worldwide.

ShareASale, a fast, efficient, and accurate affiliate marketing network, offers brand protection from adware, as well as the ability to split commissions across partners and even bypass illegal sales to the original affiliate. The network is so easy to use that brands get a chance to go live within 24 hours.

Affiliate marketing isn’t on its way out anytime soon. This year, be sure to forge relationships with your ideal marketing partner. With a healthy relationship, you will both grow together.

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