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The Year of the Blogger: Instagram Influencers in the UK Increased Their Affiliate Revenue by 5x in 2021

The Year of the Blogger: Instagram Influencers in the UK Increased Their Affiliate Revenue by 5x in 2021
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This year, Instagram content creators continue to increase audience engagement and get richer day by day.

Creators have many innovations to enjoy in social networks, for example announcing the launch of prepaid subscriptions in the near future. Moreover, the growth of sales and profits from affiliate marketing brings more fun. According to Admitad Affiliate, in 2021 the number of sales via Instagram in the UK grew by 182%, and the incomes of Instagram influencers brought by all these sales broke a record and increased fivefold. What goods have they promoted to make that much money?

Despite the fact that the growth of the audience of this social network has slowed down in recent years, the financial results do not stop growing. In 2021, Instagram crossed the 1.3 billion users mark worldwide. The solvent category of users aged 25-34 accounts for the largest share of Instagrammers – 31.2%. Young people aged 18-24 make up 31% of users, who only gain their financial stability and activity.

Is it really all about TikTok?

Instagram is struggling to attract a young audience, who, according to recent research, now prefers TikTok and Snapchat, with Instagram being third among their favorite social networks. However, the level of users’ ability to pay and advanced monetization tools help Instagram bloggers increase their sales and income every year.

While TikTok provides bloggers with a limited set of ways to make money, the Instagram team is doing its best to launch new tools. For example, easy-to-use shopping tags, which allow you to direct users from your post directly to the product purchase page. Another one is the launch of paid subscriptions – users will be able to enjoy the unique content of their favorite blogger after paying a small fee of around $1. The subscription price for each region is listed in the App Store.

The earnings of Instagram bloggers affiliate affiliates in the UK are in line with the main trend and are constantly increasing. Brands have a vested interest in collaborating with such an effective source of new customers. According to Admitad Affiliate, in 2021, the number of requests led by bloggers from Instagram grew by 182%, and the value – by 178%. The personal income of affiliated influencers has multiplied fivefold. No wonder that in 2021 the number of content creators willing to promote goods for a fixed reward for each purchase or for a certain percentage of the order value, increased by 29%.

The number of users visiting brand websites via affiliate links has also increased fivefold. As you can imagine, most of the earnings of European affiliated bloggers come from the apparel and footwear industries.

Bloggers increase their profits

Meanwhile, bloggers in 2021 were able to significantly increase their earnings in several categories of goods and services. As can be seen from the statistics by Admitad Affiliate, earnings of European bloggers in these categories rose the most:

Perhaps in the near future, Instagram will not increase the number of users as quickly as before, but they will devote themselves to providing their users with maximum convenience, and for bloggers – maximum profits. Therefore, it is imperative that influencers research and use all available tools, including the opportunity to work in affiliate marketing (earning a percentage of the value of followers demand), without focusing only on direct advertising integration. It is also worth taking a closer look at the leading categories of goods and services on social networks and expanding the range of products that creators offer to the public.

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