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Three women beat up a Delta Air Lines security officer with his own radio

Three women beat up a Delta Air Lines security officer with his own radio
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Three Long Island women were arrested yesterday for assaulting a Delta security officer at JFK in September, using his walkie-talkie as a weapon. The attack, in which the officer was knocked down, began after the officer refused to allow the “warring” passengers – who were “screaming and swearing” – to board their plane to Puerto Rico.

Once they reached the ground, the women continued to punch and kick the man. When a second employee tried to help the officer, one of the women punched him in the face, according to an indictment issued yesterday.

The staff ended up in the hospital.

From The Daily Beast:

The women — identified as Jordan Nixon, 21, Janessa Torres, 21, and Johara Zavala, 44 — were denied boarding after they acted “aggressively, one apparently disoriented and possibly drunk, and another refused.” Do it right. She wears her mask,” the complaint states.

The three women were then accused of “screaming and cursing” at the staff before repeatedly hitting the security guard with his radiotelephone until he fell to the ground. Then the three defendants punched and kicked [the guard] In the face and body [he] He was on the ground,” according to the document.

Two employees were taken to hospital. The three women said they were not guilty Washington Post. They face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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