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Ulatus Launches New Translation Affiliate Program for sales partners

Ulatus Launches New Translation Affiliate Program for sales partners
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Our partnership program is a great way to take advantage of our certified translation and management operations. I’m glad we can now make this available to organizations all over the world.”

– Shilpa Mittal, CEO of Scope

Newark, NJ, USA, Jan 5, 2022 / – Ulatus, one of the leading translation service providers worldwide, has launched an exciting new affiliate translation program that will greatly benefit both the company and its newcomer. sales partners. Through this program, affiliate members can earn up to 10% commission on new sales that are created with Ulatus.

With Ulatus’ experience in the translation industry and its global presence in 125 countries, associate partners should expect to achieve significant success in the programme. Affiliates will refer or white label Ulatus services for their networks and clients, and in successful sales, affiliate marketers will earn a commission. Translation projects are high-value assignments and will provide profitable opportunities for affiliate marketers. Besides offering this new revenue stream, Ulatus will provide affiliate partners with marketing assistance, as well as any other support they need.

The affiliate program will also be useful for organizations / agencies that require the implementation of translation projects for their clients as well as for language solution providers who need to outsource some of their work. To become an Affiliate Partner, simply fill out a quick form to ensure eligibility, and a Ulatus representative will then contact you to start the partnership.

Speaking about the affiliate program, Shilpa Mittal, CEO of Ulatus, said, “Some of the largest language companies are outsourcing their business to Ulatus. Our affiliate program is a great way to help more organizations take advantage of our quality translation and technology in a structured and transparent way. We also feel Our certified translation operations and management are a huge plus for anyone who wants to make translation more efficient, and I’m happy that we can now make this available to organizations around the world.”
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About Ulatus
Since its inception in 2005, Ulatus has become one of the world’s leading providers of language solutions. With Localize to Globalize as their tagline, they strive to ‘go beyond’ mere language translation in supporting brands to build a strong local presence. Ulatus goes the extra mile to solve the problems customers face and has developed a range of innovative technology platforms to make all its operations extremely smooth and efficient. Ulatus is among the 1% of translation companies in the world with 4 ISOs, including the ISO for Translation Services Requirements (ISO 17100:2015) and is among LSP’s top 100.

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