Veriti’s Direct Indexing Technology to Implement Research Affiliates’ RAFI Index Strategies

Veriti’s Direct Indexing Technology to Implement Research Affiliates' RAFI Index Strategies
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Boston – (work wire) –Veriti Management LLC (Ferretti), a direct-indexing asset management and financial technology company, and Research Affiliates (RA), the global leader in smart beta and asset allocation, are excited to announce a new implementation partnership.

Veriti will use its innovative direct indexing technology to implement certain index strategies, including those not currently available in an ETF or mutual fund, for the RA-affiliated entity, Ravi indicators.

Veriti provides direct indexing solutions to institutions and private wealth advisors and tackles asset management through the development and management of low-cost, highly customized portfolios focused on tax efficiency and informed alignment. RAFI Indicators is a global index company of research partners with more than 50 live strategies worldwide. Research affiliates create, publish, and license these indicators based on the insights and strategies developed through their award-winning research.

This partnership combines Research Affiliates’ commitment to delivering value through RAFI Fundamental, RAFI Single Factor, and RAFI Multi-Factor Indices with Veriti’s efficient tax enforcement technology—thus providing a compelling value proposition for advisors looking for superior after-tax performance for their clients.

“Investors are increasingly demanding tax efficiency and personalization without sacrificing outperformance potential,” he said. Jim DilworthAnd Co-founder and Managing Partner at Veriti. “Our partnership with Research Affiliates provides investors with access to non-price-weighted indices that are designed to provide long-term outperformance versus traditional capital-weighted approaches.”

For more than 15 years, investors have used RAFI solutions to take advantage of the potential yield surplus associated with paradoxical rebalancing,” Brandon KoonsPartner and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions Distribution at Research Partners. “By combining factor-based and fundamental index solutions with Veriti’s efficient tax execution platform, investors will benefit from multiple sources of alpha potential without sacrificing the benefits of low comprehensive fees and broad diversification.”

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Founded in 2018, Veriti Management LLC (“Veriti”) is designed to do good. Veriti’s direct indexing technology provides institutional investors and wealth advisors the ability to customize investment strategies to align with the values ​​of contemporary investors as well as gain significant tax advantages. Veriti provides one major service: direct, low-cost indexing of public stocks. Veriti’s approach is powerful, versatile and personal. For more, visit or write to request more information.

Ferretti is a registered investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This registration does not imply endorsement, or a certain level of skill or training, and no conclusion to the contrary should be made. Veriti, its strategies, and other disclosures are described in more detail in Part 2 of Veriti’s current ADV form, which is available upon request. The strategies and/or investments referred to may not be suitable for all investors because the suitability of a particular investment or strategy will depend on the investor’s individual circumstances and objectives. Every investment in securities represents the risk of financial loss as well as gains.

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